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What are the best insulation materials to choose?

What are the best insulation materials to choose?

A wide range of products is presented in the catalog of the textile online store Textil-Contact, among which heaters occupy a special place. Insulation is a textile material that is made for sewing jackets, coats, raincoats and other wardrobe items that warm a person in the cold season. Among the highest quality and most popular heaters are:

  • Sintepon;
  • Holofiber;
  • Thinsulate.

Sintepon is a synthetic insulation. The material is not inclined to allow air to pass through, due to which it affects the warming of the body and maintaining a comfortable temperature. The material is of high quality, durable and retains its attractiveness and performance for a long time. Sintepon is used for sewing winter and demi-season clothing. It is recommended to wash products made of synthetic winterizer at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, using liquid washing powders with a mild effect.

Holofiber is an innovative material also of synthetic origin. The peculiarity of holofiber is that it is able to warm the body even at temperatures of minus twenty-five degrees. The textile material is not prone to deformation even after multiple washes. Holofiber perfectly allows air to pass through and allows the skin to breathe fully, while it is not prone to crushing and does not need to be ironed at all. Also, the material is quite easy to maintain, it is easily washed by hands or in a washing machine at a water temperature of 30-40 degrees. Suitable for making winter jackets, coats, raincoats and vests.

Thinsulate is a textile insulation of synthetic origin, which surpasses other insulation materials according to its performance characteristics. The material is made from polyester fibers through a complex chemical process. Thinsulate tends to warm the human body even in the most extreme conditions, when the frost exceeds 35 degrees.

The advantages of thinsulate include:

  • Free air circulation;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • No toxicity, no propensity to fire;
  • Does not absorb moisture and dries quickly after washing;
  • Retains attractiveness and performance for a long time;
  • Easily cleaned by washing or professional dry cleaning.

But it is worth noting that due to its advantages, thinsulate is one of the most expensive heaters.